Provisional Non Domestic


Welcome to our new web page which is dedicated to inviting persons actively working in the Non Domestic sector of the gas industry to provisionally register their personal details. This application is to facilitate their qualifications being assessed to determine what additional training will be required prior to the full Non Domestic Registration Scheme commencing in January 2021.

Completing a Provisional Non Domestic Registration form on line is free of charge. Submitting your personal details does not guarantee that you will be eligible for full registration in 2021 but does identify you as a person who wishes to register and wishes to communicate with the new registration scheme prior to its start date.

RGII has responsibility for regulating Domestic Gas Works since June 2009. The scope of the RGII will be extended to include Non-Domestic Gas Works in 2021 including pipework, space heating, hot water, catering, laundry, power generation and CHP installations.

The application form should be completed on line and then submitted to RGII. It will be transmitted by email to the RGII office where it will be filed and then submitted to the Non Domestic Scheme Entry Committee. This Committee in consultation with the industry stakeholders will outline the next course of action you are required to take prior to registration with RGII in January 2021.

Thank you for your co-operation in this application and please forward any relevant gas training certificates and trade certificates electronically with this provisional application form.

We will be in contact with you in the future so please ensure you have a working email address included in the application form.

You can also contact us with queries at